This special program is for parents & coaches of College Basketball prospects looking for scholarships...

How to get Your Kid a College Scholarship Masterclass

Watch This "Mini Documentary" To See How Felix Rogers & In The Gym Hoops Is Helping Hundreds Of College Basketball Prospects Around the country to get scholarship offers...

Here's Exactly What You're Going to Get With Basketball Recruiting Masterclass…
Course 1: Parent's Role 
The Parent Responsibility Training
  • ​This training makes it simple for you to stop wondering if you're doing everything you can as a parent to help your kid succeed.
  • ​Understand exactly what YOU need to be doing to give your student-athlete the best chance at getting recruited.
  • ​Make confident decsions knowing you're doing what's best for your student-athlete. 
Course 2: PLAYER'S Role 
The Student Athlete Success Training 
  • This Training helps the Student Athlete to stop making avoidable mistakes that will cost them a shot at the next level.
  • Make all the right moves on and off the court.
  • Stand out as an up and coming prospect to coaches and scouts. 
The Expert's Guide to Academic Eligibility
  • This guide holds the secret for you to have a clear understanding of what it will take academically to qualify for a basketball college scholarship.
  • Have an academic gameplan.
  • Pass any and all academic requirements to get to the next level.
Course 4: TRAINING
Your Player Development Blueprint
  • This guide is your key to put together a personalized training regiment.
  • Use a proven game plan on how to improve as a player every day.
  • Develop the skills you need for the next level. 
Insider's Guide to picking the right Middle School or High School
  • This training makes picking the best High School or Middle School simple.
  • Follow a simple checklist.
  • Put yourself in best situation for a successful youth career.
Off Season Domination
  • This training makes it simple to get the most out of your offseason.
  • Have a straight forward plan of action.
  • Dominate the offseason and start your next school season better than you've ever been.
Marketing Blueprint
  • This Training is your key to handle your online marketing.
  • Navigate social media.
  • Become a well known and respected name in the basketball community.
Course 8: College Options
The Expert's Guide to Picking The Right College
  • This guide makes it simple for you to have a clear understanding of what to look for and what questions to ask when deciding on which scholarship offer to accept.
  • Have a strong criteria
  • Prepare to have the college basketball experience that you trul wants.
Course 9: Connecting With sCHOOLS & COACHES
The Secrets to Contacting The Schools and Coaches you want
  • This Training is the shortcut to implementing a system.
  • Build relationships with the coaches and programs that you want.
  • Give yourself the best opportunity to receive a scholarship form your dream school.
One More Time
  • The Parent Responsibility Training 
  • The Student Athlete Success Training 
  • The Expert's Guide to Academic Eligibility 
  • Player Development Blueprint 
  • Expert's Guide on Communication Skills 
  • Insider's Guide to Pick the Right Middle School or High School
  • Off-Season Domination 
  • Marketing Blueprint 
  • The Experts Guide to Picking the Right College 
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